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Aluminum Coil

  • Aluminum Foil Stock

    Aluminum Foil Stock

    Aluminum Coils Supplier for Many Industries and Applications Available in alloys in the 1000 to 8000 series range, we stock a full range of aluminum coils to service a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical, and food service. It is important to note that...Read More

  • Aluminum PS Substrate

    Aluminum PS Substrate

    PS substrate is a short name for the precoated photosensitive aluminum sheet, which is a high-quality plate for offset print, it features high resolution, high pressrum rate, nontoxic, and uninjurious etc. So it’s well-received to the printing industry. Our products have merits of less bias of thickness, excellent smoothness...Read More

  • Aluminum Composite Panel

    Aluminum Composite Panel

    Aluminum Composite Panels If you are looking for a durable and maintenance-free building material, you have come to the right place. Aluminum Composite Panels are not only high performing but also aesthetically pleasing adding quality and style to your projects. Whether you like warm wood tones,...Read More

  • Aluminum Embossing Material

    Aluminum Embossing Material

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  • Alumnum Wall Curtain Panel

    Alumnum Wall Curtain Panel

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  • Aluminum Roofing Material

    Aluminum Roofing Material

    Roofing Material applying in surface decoration for residential building, industrial building, warehouse, special building, wide-span steel-structured house, etc, featuring lightweight, high durability, polychrome, rapid deployability, shock-resistance, fireproofing, rainproofing, long life span, maintenance free, is highly...Read More

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