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A Brief Introduction Of Brown Fused Aluminum Oixde
- Jul 11, 2018 -

A Brief Introduction Of Brown Fused Aluminum Oixde

Brown fused alumina is a hard, tough, heat and abrasion resistant material, which is produced by fusing calcined bauxite, anthracite, iron in fixed or tilting furnace at 2250 Celsius degree. During the fusion process, iron alloys settle down to the bottom part of the furnace, while carbon compounds go to the upper surface, leaving alumina oxide in the middle part of the furnace. When the fusion process is done, it will takes another couple of hours to cool down before it is crushed into lumps. Those lumps will pass through electromagnets both before and after they are crushed into required fraction, fines and grits by ball mail crushing, roller crushing or Barmac crushing machines. As for applications, BFA DIN fractions and fine power are usually used to make refractory products like Refractory Mortars, Insulating castables, while BFA grits are used to make bonded or coated abrasives, as well as to sandblast or polish metals, glasses and so on.