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Air Washed Brown Fused Alumina
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Air Washed Brown Fused Alumina


The main reason of air washing process in brown fused alumina production is to remove the impurities in abrasive grain. In the production, it’s inevitable to produce dust and wood chips which appear in the crushing process and the using of wooden sieving tools.

Brown Fused Alumina plant will use air washing machine to eliminate the impurities. For Coarse grain from 12-54, the high power air washing machine will be adopted. When the brown fused alumina material enters the cleaning machine, adjust the air blower to the appropriate air volume, let the material jump up and down in the machine compartment, and use the friction and collision between the materials to separate the fine dust in the product from the wood chips in the material; then, use The rear induced draft fan introduces dust and wood chips into the dust removal equipment, and the product purity will above 98%. As for the fine grain from 60-120, the machine need to adjusted because of high electrostatic adsorption between fine-grained particles. In order to solve this problem, air heating must be used to eliminate static electricity and moisture to ensure the quality of air cleaning brown fused alumina abrasive grain. The purity will also reach 98%.