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Energy Saving Production of Brown Fused Alumina-1
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Energy Saving Production of Brown Fused Alumina-1

Environmental problems and resource problems are more and more prominent in China, the economic development policy cannot bear the expense of environmental pollution and resources waste. Brown Fused Alumina industry as a high energy-consuming industry, facing national energy-saving emission reduction, green sustainable development roads of government policy,  we must improve production technology, change the way of production, and energy-saving production of brown fused alumina is imperative.


With the rapid development of country's industrialization process and the large consumption of aluminum industry, refractory industry, oil proppant industry, high-grade bauxite ore has been less and less. However, brown fused alumina production in the past half a century still using the traditional process has never changed. With time changes, mineral resources decrease, the quality of mineral products also declining, raw materials and energy prices are rising, energy-saving emission reduction tasks become increasingly arduous, brown fused alumina production has been embattled, if there is no new breakthrough in technology, we can predict the consumption of production of brown corundum and production costs will keep in a sharp rise. The price of brown fused alumina will make enterprises unbearable, at least some of brown corundum production enterprises will be forced to shut down.


Under this situation, the production of brown fused alumina must be under the guidance of the scientific concept of development as well as to change the way of production and take the road of technological innovation.