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Property of Iron Plating Brown Fused Alumina
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Property of Iron Plating Brown Fused Alumina

For special usages, brown fused alumina will be treated in high temperature or plating which will help improve the property of brown fused alumina abrasive grain. Preparation of iron plating abrasive materials using ferrous sulfate and mineral compound as the plating liquid was studied including the effects of the amount of the plating liquid amount and hot-processing temperature on the quality of the abrasive.Testing of the performance of the brown fused alumina abrasive materials showed the compressive strength and hydrophilic property were improved. By using good hydrophilic brown fused alumina abrasive grain, the durability of abrasive tools will be increased 30%-50%.The iron plating abrasive materials exhibited better performance in grinding indexes and abrasive and the grinding efficiency. The magnetic material can be reduced in the high heat treat process which ensure no spots in abrasives surface.