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Why Aluminum Oxide/ Fused Corundum in Blue Color?
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Why Aluminum Oxide/ Fused Corundum in Blue Color?

To produce Aluminum Oxide/ Fused Alumina, there will be several processes, like primary crushing, washing, pickling, and then washed, dehydrated, dried, burned, cooled and sieved, Finally, the magnetic material will be reduced. The obtained alumina material has high hardness and high toughness than that of white corundum, which mainly used in aluminum oxide grinding wheels, high quality coated abrasives, refractory material, ceramics, and so on. Aluminum Oxide/Fused alumina in blue color is because it made of high quality brown aluminum oxide/ fused alumina which calcined at 1300 ℃ high temperature. In the high temperature environment of 1300 ℃, the Ti2O3 is rapidly dissolved in the α-Al2O3 crystal, the Ti2O3 reacts with the O2 diffused into the α-Al2O3 crystal to form TiO2, And encased in α-Al2O3 grains. With TiO2 crystal growth to 0.015μm-0.15μm, it will emit light similar to the colloidal suspension. Because of the strong blue light scattering of TiO2, the other wavelengths of light absorption is strong, therefore showing a blue, this is the process of conversion of aluminum oxide into blue aluminum oxide/ fused alumina.Heat preservation can last for 5-6 hours in the constant temperature and aluminum oxide/ fused alumina conversion performance tends to be stable, and then began cooling and heat dissipation. The high-temperature burning abrasive heating curve should be reasonable and avoid abruptly cool or abruptly heat, which will affect the performance of aluminum oxide/ fused alumina.