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Black Fused Corundum Abrasive
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Black Fused Corundum Abrasive

Black fused corundum is a new type of fused corundum abrasive. Black fused corundum is smelted in an electric arc furnace, the bauxite smelting and a α-Al2O3 and iron spinel-based gray-black mineral crystal phase, which is characterized by low Al2O3 content, and a certain amount of Fe2O3 (10 % Abrasives, the basic grain of black fused corundum abrasive is strong, the cutting force is strong, the toughness is large, the hardness is good, the abrasion resistance is good and the work efficiency is high. Black fused corundum is the ideal product of grinding and polishing and sandblasting stainless steel products.

Black fused corundum is mainly used in free grinding, such as metal parts before plating the bottom of the polishing, aluminum products for bicycles, motorcycles, sewing machines, watches and clocks, parts, lighting, plastic and metal polishing tools, also applies to sandblasting, Glass Penhua), processing materials, the manufacture of resin-cutting films, grinding and Coated Abrasives, and so on.

Black fused corundum abrasive is the material of making resin grinding wheel, emery cloth new condensate material. At present, it is most widely used in stainless steel kitchen utensils, lighting lamps motorcycle parts, auto parts and other medium-precision materials, fine polishing. Black fused corundum grit size sand and black fused corundum powder are particularly suitable for stainless steel workpiece grinding and polishing, as well as the manufacture of abrasive, grinding paste, black fused corundum segment sand is non-slip road and coal storage materials.