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Sand Blasting Process Ceramic Sand To The Use
- Mar 31, 2017 -

Sand Blasting Process Ceramic Sand To The Use

Spray sand process not only is 3C industry process reflected, also, also available ceramic sand in different stainless steel, and car surface Shang using, spray sand process ceramic sand of application field is widely, main due to ceramic sand has it unique of products characteristics: products particles uniform, than major, resistance impact sex good, using life long, special for metal products of spray sand job, spray sand effect finish good, main uses following:
1.3C-communications-consumer electronics-computers: metal shell sand;
2. kitchen manufacture: metal surface sand;
3. aviation and shipbuilding: the hull metal airframe and strengthening;
4. automotive manufacturing: surface fatigue resistance, enhanced treatment of shock springs;
5. furniture: aluminum Windows and doors, metal handle sand;
6. the precision manufacturing: cleaning and maintenance;
7. machinery manufacturing: medical device, and other metal tools to clean up, the surface finishing and surface treatment.